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Friday, January 13, 2006

A Million Little Lies (Forward By Oprah)

Seems that the media can't tell the truth from a lie. Once again we have someone fabricating part of a book. A book which is supposed to be his memoirs. Oprah, who selected this book for her book club was interviewed and gave the author a pass. Shame on you Oprah. The author has a duty to be true to his readers. No matter how good a book it was or how many people it helped that doesnt justify the fact that he lied. He did not embellish thats another PC term for lied. With his next book how will you tell the truth from the lies. This is an insidious thing that is happening in this country. More and more, I keep reading about authors and journalists lying or fabricating stories or printing stories without checking facts. Whatever happen to journalistic integrity? I think anyone who does as such should be fired. Thank god for the Smoking Gun, the internet and the American Way...hi-ho silver away.

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Seinfeld - It never gets old

I just watched the Menage a' Trois episode again. I caught myself laughing out loud. If you've never seen it Jerry wants to go out with his girlfriends roomate. George calls this aka. "The Switch". He states in all of history no man has been able to successfully pull off the switch. Jerry wants to try it so he and George spend days trying to come up with a plan. George finally tells Jerry to suggest a menage a' trois. His girlfriend will be outraged and throw him out. The girlfriend will tell her roomate who will be outraged but also flattered that she was to be included. After a few days Jerry would call the roomate and invite her to dinner. One small problem, when Jerry suggests it, she likes the idea. Jerry can't do it because he's not an orgy type of guy. George cant believe it and goes ballistic. They also learn Kramers first name "Cosmo". The writing and acting on that show was so good. I have to get all the seasons on DVD. I just have the first.

Illinois politics...same old, same old

The governor has put together a proposal to add 2,000 Keno machines to bars, restaurants and convienience stores and plans to use the money for school funding. This guy is wacky. He is against increasing the number of riverboat gambling licenses and giving Chicago a land-based casino but this is OK? Does anyone recall what the Illinois Lotterys' revenue was supposed to be used for. Hello!!! McFly.

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Ted Kennedy just shut up

Ted Kennedy heard addressing the nominee for the Supreme Court as "Mr. Ali-oto". Geez Ted could you stop drinking and at least have the courtesy to know the name of the person whose character you are trying to disparage.

Blago giving away Illinois taxpayers money

Even though we have a terrible deficit in this state, our great governor decided that he would give $1 million dollars to the historic Baptist church which burned down over the weekend in order to rebuild. First I do believe its a violation of church and state and who the hell is he to just randomly give the taxpayers money to whomever he wishes. A blatant attempt to buy the black vote for the next election.

Monday, January 09, 2006

Welcome to my blog

I will post my daily thoughts on whatever is of interest for the day. Work, family or otherwise. Stay tuned...